Parking Disruptions

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Parking Disruptions

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:11 pm

Glasgow City Council have implemented parking restrictions on North Gardner St from 9th November 2015 until Friday 11th November 2016. Thats not a typo, thats a whole year.

Restrictions apply between the hours of:
07:45-16:30 Monday to Friday
08:00-13:00 Saturdays

A meeting with CCG Ltd (the building contractor) was held on Wednesday 4th November. Many of you were not informed about this as no formal letters were sent out. At the meeting we were told that the parking restrictions that were applied for were for the 'worst-case scenario', and that they will relax the restrictions at some point in the future. Continuing with the vague theme, they also suggested that if we parked our cars on the road until about 08:30, we'd probably not get a ticket.


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